There Is No Shame- A Letter to the President of Carleton University

Dear Dr Runte.

I want to understand why you would deny the (mostly) women of Carleton University the support they need, when they need it most.

There is no shame in admitting that sexual violence occurs on the campus for which you are responsible. Carleton University is no more or less prone to the very real dangers of rape culture than any other Canadian campus.

There IS shame, however, in pretending that rape and sexual assault in all its forms, DOES NOT happen at Carleton University.

Let’s be clear.

Just because you don’t know about it, RAPE happens at Carleton University.

Even though you choose to turn a blind eye to it, RAPE happens at Carleton University.

Despite not being politically convenient for your administration, RAPE happens at Carleton University.

Sexual violence causes real and permanent damage, BECAUSE RAPE happens at Carleton University and there are no sufficient, meaningful and meaningfully accessible support systems in place.

Don’t live in shame.

Please, support the establishment of a Sexual Assault Support Centre at Carleton University.

Yours truly,

Jeanette Doucet